Hey guys so we just got back from the show. It was pretty good. That type of music isn’t really my thing but the BF had a lot of fun so it was worth it. It was also worth it to learn that one of my favorite bands Hawthorne Heights is FINALLY coming back to my town! On April 27th they will be coming to the V-Club here in Huntington. If you are not familiar, Hawthorne Heights is a very popular band amidst the “emo” and “scene” scene. I have loved them for years and I first saw them live about two years ago at this same club and have been waiting for them to come back. It’s funny because the club is very close to our house and they always have posted outside the upcoming bands or events and I always complain to myself that they never have any bands I like anymore lol. Well that just changed. Well guys its super late so I’m going to leave you guys with a pic of the band and a video of their biggest hit, and I hope you like it. And if you happen to be in the Huntington area on the 27th, you should definitely check them out! hawthorne-heights-4df9622bde5ec


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