Busy Day

Hi guys! So today was pretty uneventful. So I have determined that my illness is definitely allergies. I have not had any other cold symptoms, the only problems I’m still having are a runny nose, and my nose constantly itches so I am sneezing a lot, and because of all the drainage I’ve developed a bit of a cough. It’s pretty inconvenient but at least now I know its not something serious. To give you a bit of background, I am a serious hypochondriac and whenever I show the slightest sign of an illness, I take it to the extreme and then work my way down the list of possible conditions. I’ve gotten a lot better about it, I no longer go to the hospital every time I have a weird stomach cramp (that used to be a serious issue) and thanks to consulting my BF, I have gotten better at reasoning out what exactly constitutes an emergency. In other news lol at work we are still in training. We only have about a week and a half to go. We only have a couple days until we know what our new schedule will be. We are both super nervous because I don’t drive, and if we get different shifts it will cause a serious issue. The way it works at our job is they give you a list of shifts. You rank them based on your preference. Then it goes to the higher ups and based on tenure, they give you the highest on your list that’s available. We have been there less than a year so our tenure is not great, but we chose shifts in the exact same order, so hopefully even if its not our first choice, we get the same one. After work we had our usual Wednesday Pathfinder game and it was pretty fun. We had to go grocery shopping afterwards. The good part about that is, that our local grocer happened to have a sale going on potting soil in their little gardening section. So I got two bags so hopefully tomorrow I will be able to plant my herbs and also my peppers that have to start out indoors. I’m not sure that I will have time though because some friends of my BF are performing at one of our local clubs tomorrow night and we will be going. I will let you guys know how it went, and if I have time to do it, I will let you know about the plants. It’s getting late so I’m going to head to bed. I’ll be back tomorrow, Bye Guys!


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