Love One Another Right. Now.

Hi guys! So I feel a lot better today, thank goodness. I was a bit groggy earlier in the day, but that’s just because I took some nighttime medicine last night, and I don’t usually do that so it was a bit stronger than I expected. It must have worked though, because my heads cleared up and my nose is clear for the most part. So today I wanted to do something different. I don’t usually talk about current events or politics, because frankly watching or reading the news is depressing and stressful to me. I wanted to talk about this because I feel this is just a symptom of a much bigger problem in our country. This was brought to my attention though because I watch a YouTube channel called Hallyu Back (they are awesome by the way) that does news about Korea and Korean Pop Culture and they did a video about this today. As I’m sure you probably heard, United Airlines is in a lot of trouble because of the way they treated a passenger on one of their flights. So if you’re not familiar with the story, from what I heard, United overbooked the flight and had to have 4 people get off the plane. They offered a sum of money to compensate them, and the people still did not wish to get off. Then they decided to forcefully remove 4 passengers at random. One of them being a 69 year old man who is a medical doctor who could not take another flight because he had patients he needed to see at his destination. So when United called the authorities to remove this man(and the other 3 passengers), they dragged him from his seat, banging his head on everything along the way and leaving him with a bloody mouth. He was clearly very injured. There are I believe, 3 videos other passengers took of this happening. First, when a COMPANY makes a mistake, said company should correct it at their own expense, not at the expense of their clients. I saw the footage and it made me genuinely sad. I also heard that he was possibly treated this way because he is an Asian American. I’m not saying this is true, its just what I heard. It would not surprise me though. America is already divided enough and when Trump took over its gotten 100 times worse. We do not need someone telling the racists that its ok to be racist, or the sexists that its ok to be sexist. But back to the subject, this man was completely helpless. This man is a professional doctor, and has a family. My own grandfather is around that age, I couldn’t imagine what I  would do if someone did that to him. What scares me about this, is that this is probably something that’s been going on for a while now when they have this kind of issue, and this was just the first time it was caught on camera. This in my personal opinion, is just another classic example of someone in authority being a fucking bully just because they can. Even if it was necessary to escort the man off the plane, you could have walked him out, holding his wrist!!!! This is same kind of thing we see when those videos are released of cops shooting dogs, or beating unarmed people. Just shitty fucking people being bullies because they believe in some way that they can do whatever they want with no consequences. This absolutely infuriates me. Before I go into a full fledged rant, the point I am trying to make is that violence is never the answer. Never! If all we ever do in this country is hate, and hurt each other, we are going to destroy ourselves from the inside out. We have to realize that on the deepest level we are all people and we should come together not rip apart. And if you do any traveling guys, show United that this is not ok, try to find another airline. Well I will be back tomorrow, hopefully with a happier subject lol Bye Guys!


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