Hi guys! So I finally got some stuff done today. First I got my hair cut and styled. It took a while because I had a lot of hair. According to my stylist I lost about 15 inches. So if you saw my blog yesterday that pic should serve as a good before photo, and here is the after. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA You will have to forgive my selfie skills lol I was using an actual camera not a phone. The length is so much easier to deal with now, and it looks just as good flat as it does styled so I wouldn’t have to do anything to it on a daily basis if I didn’t want to. So then after we left the salon, we went to the home depot. Now, because we were in our little two-seater car and not the jeep, we did not have room for everything I wanted to get. Plus I forgot a couple things. I did get the majority of the seeds I need as well as a big planter for my herbs and a couple pots for the plants that have to start out indoors. I also got some rose food for my roses and some general plant food for everything else. We will need to come back with the jeep to get the mulch, potting soil, and border fencing I need. Here is a breakdown of the seeds I have so far. I forgot mint, and tulip bulbs. It may be hard to see the pics because my camera is not the best lol so I got, Sweet Peppers, Collard Greens, Carrots, Dill, parsley, basil, oregano, lavender, pansies, poppies, larkspurs, sweet peas, dianthus, and moon flowers. I’m so excited. It sucks that I have to wait to plant everything but I really cant plant anything without the fencing, because if you’ve read my past blogs, I’ve mentioned this, but my neighborhood is overrun by chaotic, unsupervised children. So if I don’t protect my plants, they will most certainly be trampled or plucked. I worry about the veggies most of all because those are going to in the backyard, and the kids run through the neighborhood yards without regard to anything. I would really prefer to put up an actual fence around the whole yard, but that’s not very practical at the moment so I’m settling for some fencing just around the plants. After we got all that, we came home and just enjoyed the last of our weekend on this beautiful day. I will be back tomorrow guys. Bye!


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