Hey guys! So today was a pretty good day. I slept in a bit so I wasn’t able to get as much done as I would have liked. By the time we made it to my hair salon, there a huge line and an hour wait, so I had to make an appointment for tomorrow. We then went to the Gamestop at our mall to see if they had any Nintendo Switches as of yet, and they didn’t. Its getting hard to track them down because the shops in our area don’t get them often and when they do, they sell out almost immediately. We have friends at the Gamestop downtown and hopefully they will let us know the next time they get one in. After we left the mall, it was about time to go to dinner. Tonight we tried a new German restaurant in our town called Bahnhof. The only real issue I had with it is that it was super packed so we had some issues with seating but I think that will even out over time. The food was great. We ordered fried pickles as appetizers, they came with pickled onions on top. I had never had any pickled food before. These were pretty good. The pickles themselves were also very good, they were breaded dill spears and they came with this super creamy brown mustard. For the main meal, I ordered the wiener schnitzel witch is essentially a fried pork cutlet, and pan fried potatoes with bacon marmalade on the side. It was delicious. I couldn’t finish it lol I have leftovers in the fridge. 20170408_194604 The BF got their corned beef Reuben that comes with spiced fries. I was very pleasantly surprised that they were seasoned with Old bay, which is one of my favorite seasonings. The Reuben was not too great to me, but I’m just not a fan of corned beef. He thought it was great.20170408_194557_Burst01 Also if you are into craft beer, apparently they have a really good selection. 20170408_194143 I don’t drink beer personally, but the BF and our friends really liked them. At the time they don’t have a dessert menu, but they have only been open a few days, so I’m hoping they will add one eventually. There is a German restaurant in Columbus called Hofbrauhaus that we go to whenever we are in that area, and they have a fabulous schwarzwalder kirschtorte(also the dessert they had in Young Frankenstein by the way). That is essentially a black forest cake layered with whipped cream and cherries and topped with shredded chocolate and it is soo soo soo good. 348s This is not a pic of the one I had specifically but it is from that same restaurant. If you are in either Columbus, or in my town in Huntington, you should definitely try the Hofbrau or the Bahnhof. 20170408_184643Well guys I will be back tomorrow with an update on my hair. Bye Guys!


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