I can’t stand the rain.Or snow.

Hi guys! So its almost Friday and I could not be happier. This training schedule has me exhausted. I was not meant to be awake at 6 A.M. So today it was rainy and cold which sucks and tomorrow its supposed to snow which sucks soo much more. The good news is that once I make it through tomorrow, the weekend is supposed to be back up in the 70’s which is awesome. I hope to have a productive weekend seeing as how I’ve gotten nothing done this whole week just because I’ve been so tired. I hope to get my hair cut, and I also hope to finally plant some of the seeds I’ve been collecting all week. As far as my hair goes, this has been a tough decision but I have settled on a styled tussled kind of bob. Something like this but without bangs. Hopefully something this short will get rid of the split ends plus I love a short hairstyle for summer, I think its refreshing.b266cd83597a695feaec3502e14473e3

As far as my gardening, this weekend I hope to go to home depot for everything else I need, but so far I have seeds for Sweet Peas, Moon Flowers, Sweet Peppers, and Parsley.  I hope to also get some lavender plants , tulip bulbs, carrots, sage, mint, basil and some poppies.  I’m going to put the lavender and other flowers in the front yard. I have a space along the walkway on the side of the house where I want a row of tulips. I’m going to put the vegetables in the backyard and am getting a planter for the herbs so I can put them in a windowsill or on my porch. The BF also wants to get a strawberry plant we can hang on the porch. We are also considering a blackberry plant we can raise indoors. I’m not a big fan of those berries personally, but I would love to have fresh ingredients when I make his desserts. My mom also loves blackberries so she could make use of those as well. I will keep you guys updated and should have some pics of the new hair by Sunday. Well guys I’m pretty tired, so I’m headed to bed for now. Be back tomorrow, Bye Guys!


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