I didn’t even have to use my A.K. I got to say it was a good day.

Hi guys! So as you can probably tell today was a good day (and I am a fan of Ice Cube lol) I don’t have too much going on today to write about. We had the training at work again. Its good to have to learn about the new job, but being up at 6 a.m has been pretty rough. I went to bed last night at 11:30 which is super early for me and I still woke up ridiculously exhausted. I guess its just something to get used to until we get our actual schedule lol. Anyway so at work we were told by one of our co-workers to call my grandpa because she is his neighbor and he passed her the message. At first I was super worried thinking something was wrong, because his health is not the best. I tried calling him on lunch but had to leave a message. So when we got home, it was an absolutely beautiful day. I decided to put together a vinegar concoction to kill some of the weeds in my yard and just to do some general cleaning and pruning. So I vinegar soaked all the weeds that have been creeping up from my sidewalk and pulled up the ones that were crowding my roses. As I was doing this, my grandpa called back. I was very relieved to know that he just wanted to talk and there was nothing wrong. About an hour later after I was done with everything he even stopped by the house for a bit, if was very nice. So when it comes to the cleaning up the thing I am very happy about is that, we have this really big unruly honeysuckle bush right in front of our house. It grows out in all directions covering the number on our house and blocking 2 different walkways. As long as I have lived here I have never gotten it completely even, either because of time or just doing other things. Today I finally had the time to get it completely even. I got it well under the house number and out of the walkways and it looks great. I didn’t have time to prune the other hedges just because we had trivia tonight. I also did not plant anything today because I received some very sad news that we are expecting snow this coming Thursday.-_- So I will be waiting until this weekend or just checking the farmers almanac to see when last frost will actually be, before I plant anything. I still plan on pruning the other hedges and doing more weeding throughout the week though. So after my grandpa left we went to the trivia night at Mancinis. We tried their salads for the first time and they are very good. We also took first place! So next week we will have a gift card to spend. So as far as the gardening and yard work I will keep you guys updated and hopefully remember to post some pics after everything is done. Well, I have to get an early start tomorrow, so I will be back. Bye Guys!


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