Mellow Day

Hey guys! So today is the only day we have off before we start training for the new department tomorrow. It was a really nice day, but we kind of just sat around all day lol. I’m pretty nervous about it, just because like anything new, I have no clue what I’m getting into. I have to say though at this point in the department we were in, I am definitely ready for a change. So at this point I am welcoming something different. Today has been super relaxing. I am soo excited that its starting to get warm again. I cannot stand the cold, I’m actually pretty picky if its cold or too hot, either one. I love a good warm day. So I’ve been thinking about a couple different things today. The first is cutting and possibly dying my hair. It certainly needs it. I have had to face the fact that there is no other way to get rid of these split ends. I tried a trim a few months back, but it was not enough. Its time to take drastic measures. My split ends wouldn’t even be that big of a deal, but (confession time/#Don’t-judge) out of stress and anxiety, I am the kind of person that picks at things. Therefore I have made my split ends 100 times worse. Its all my fault, and I intend to fix it. So the time has come to get it cut short. I had it short several years ago, when I was in Texas for a summer, and I loved it. On one hand it took a long time to get this length, but on the other its not healthy. My hair deserves a fresh start. The hard part is now picking a cut. I’m leaning towards a kind of bob without bangs but I’m still looking around. I’m also considering dying it. I know it sounds kind of counteractive if I want healthy hair lol but I was just thinking if I’m cutting it, why not go the whole nine yards? I dyed it once a few years ago before I met my significant other, and that was the only ever time I went blonde. It took a lot of hair dye, peroxide and actual bleach(which I regret) because I have really dark brown hair naturally. The blonde looked alright but its not something I would do again. I definitely look better with darker hair, I just look better in darker colors in general. I dyed it a few times in high school with just hair dye. I always did this jet black with like a bluish sheen and I love that color on myself. If I do dye it this time it will be with that color, but I’m still on the fence about dying it all just for the health factor. It’s definitely getting cut though. The other thing I have been thinking about today is gardening. I went through a few different websites looking for ideas on what would look good in my yard. I also did some more research as far as the plants that do best in my area, because I am still very new at gardening, and I want to plan as far ahead as possible to avoid killing any plants. So I’ve compiled a list of the plants I want and I have a general idea where they will be going. I’m going to do a couple lavender bushes in my front yard, those will be there to look pretty lol and I’ll be using some components from them for cooking and religious ritual purposes. There are a few flowers I want just because they are beautiful of course. I am also getting some decorative grasses and shrubs for those areas where I am too afraid to put flowers. I’m going to get some red peppers, cauliflower and maybe green beans for my backyard. I’m also going to do a little herb garden with some mint, parsley, basil and a few other things. The herb garden might end up being like a potted garden in my kitchen due to limited space but we’ll see lol. I really hope everything goes according to plan. So I will keep you guys updated on my decision about my hair, and how the gardening goes. See you tomorrow, bye guys!


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