Hey guys! So sorry I’m a bit late posting today, its been a bit of a long day lol. For starters I was rudely awakened to find out today started my least favorite week of the month. -_- So that means I have been in agony all day and dealing with my overactive emotions as well. I’ve been feeling better since I’ve been home, the stress of work just compounds all my issues. So earlier in my blog I mentioned I have a pet Sugar Glider and today I wanted to talk a little more about her and just Gliders in general. This is a stock photo of  a glider but this one looks very similar to Pebbles. I don’t have any photos of her on my computer lol. Sugar-Glider-Looking-Cute

They are marsupials native to Australia, New Guinea, and parts of Indonesia. They were brought over to Europe and America because people were realizing that they made great pets. They can live for 12 to 15 years if you care for them properly and they need minimal vet care because they are not susceptible to the same parasites and issues dogs and cats can have. They are about the size of a large hamster or flying squirrel. What I really love about Gliders, especially Pebbles, is that they have legitimate personalities. Pebbles has her moods and they are super cute lol. Over the years I have owned several kinds of small pets from hamsters to Guinea Pigs, and they were all sweet and I loved them all, but they weren’t really interactive. They would rather run from me than play or cuddle with me. With Pebbles, and I’ve noticed in videos of other Gliders, they have a real bond with their people, and have genuine interactions. Pebbles gets really excited if she’s just hanging out in her cage and we start talking to her, and she loves to climb and play on us, or even just snuggle in one of our hands if she’s sleepy. The thing is, she was not like this right off the bat. It took weeks for us to even be able to touch her. Gliders have to learn to warm up to you they have to genuinely trust you. This is what gets me because I read about it online when I was doing research about gliders and later heard of it happening in real life. People often get Gliders thinking oh what a cute cuddly pet, either not doing enough research or just not having enough patience, and then realize these animals take a lot of time and hard work. Then it happens that a lot that these people give up on their gliders when they realize they are not an instant love kind of pet. I read a lot of stories online about people having their gliders for just a couple weeks and already selling it to someone else because they can’t play with it like they want. It breaks my heart and more importantly it hurts the Gliders. Getting impatient with them just makes them more nervous and its not going to help them to be sold from person to person just as they are starting to get used to new environments and smells. We recently even heard of one of our colleagues having this issue, but did not know the person or the situation well enough to give our input on it. The point I’m trying to make is that Sugar Gliders are wonderful pets, but if you are considering getting one please, please remember you will need to be patient, it may take several weeks or even months for your Glider to bond with you, but when they do, its all worth it.♥ I’ll be back tomorrow, bye Guys!


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