Hi guys! So today was my Monday. My week is a bit short though just because on actual Monday I start training for the new department at work. I’m a bit nervous, just because it’s something new and I never know how its going to go. I’m pretty happy though because at least for the time of the training I’m going to have a lovely 8-4:30 schedule. Working until almost 9 every night can be exhausting so I’m really looking forward to having evenings for a little while. It’s going to be great to have some time to do things other that eat and sleep. There’s a lot of spring cleaning that I need to do. We have a room in our attic that has become essentially a catch all for everything we can’t find a place for. I really want to clean it out so I can have it as a space for my sewing and just a place to do crafts in general. I don’t have a real work space in the house right now, I basically use the bathroom as a space when I want to paint so it won’t get anywhere lol. If I do any hand sewing or anything, its just wherever I’m sitting at the time. I also weave hemp jewelry. I haven’t mentioned it on here yet just because I haven’t thought of it lol but its something that’s really calming for me just working with my hands. I also really like the smell of the hemp fibers, the BF is not a fan lol I suppose its an acquired taste. I started weaving back in high school just for fun then I started making some pieces for family and friends. I don’t do it as much anymore just because I get so wrapped up in other things but its always fun when I get around to it. Maybe when I do my spring cleaning I’ll be able to post some before an after pics of (hopefully) my new work room. If any of you have tips on organizing, or just what to do when you have TONS of stuff that needs a place lol, definitely let me know. Well I’m heading to bed, I’ll be back tomorrow. Bye Guys!


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