At the end of the day

Hi guys! So today was the first day back after my long weekend, and I was quickly reminded why I took yesterday off. -_- Its not that I hate my job, I just don’t like it at all lol. Really though, I do like that it pays the bills, other than that, its becoming harder to deal with every day. I have trouble with all the negativity and stress. I spent some time today looking into remote writing positions. I know for someone like me with no degree or real writing experience that its a long shot, but its what I really want out of my life. Its not very simple though. I’ll still have to stick it out for a while, but we will see what happens. So another thing I want to mention is that at about 4 a.m this morning a horrible storm kicked up. I woke up super nervous for my little plants I had on the table outside. Because they are only in little peat pots I was so afraid the wind would knock them over. I had a really hard time sleeping because of it. I did check on them this morning, and while they had definitely been rained on, none of them fell over. I was so happy. I was afraid it would rain again tonight because I saw some lightening as we were getting off work but so far its remained dry which is good. If not for Tommy and things like my plants and my blog I feel like I would go crazy lol. I really wanted to thank you guys for taking the time to read my ramblings, it means a lot to me. I will be back tomorrow, bye guys!


Personal Day

Hi guys! So being new to blogging, I’m not sure if you guys can see the time that my blogs are posted, but if you are, you would know yesterdays was super duper late lol. Plus even after I posted we were up for a while due to some unforeseen circumstances. We ended up falling asleep around 7 a.m our time which is about an hour before we would have to be up for work. It was really bad lol so needless to say we did not go in to work today. Today was what one would consider a personal or mental health day. It wasn’t all mental though, because my ears were ringing incessantly and I had a migraine that felt like someone beat the shit out of my head with a baseball bat. It was weird because I didn’t even drink.  We did not end up waking up until about 2 p.m. We sat around for a bit but then did some yard work. He mowed the grass, and while he did that, I finally got the sweet peppers into their pots. It made me really anxious though, because those chaotic kids were outside. I was right to be anxious though because they knocked two of my pepper pots over with their fucking soccer ball. I know I’ve said this in a blog before, but your neighbors are not babysitters!!!! Ughhhhhh. So after that happened I moved all my little pepper pots to a table we have in the backyard. I just hope they get enough sun out there. After that, Tommy picked up some mulch for me, so I tore up all the weeds that were crowding out my roses and put some gold mulch down. It says its gold but honestly, its just a shinier brown lol but it still looks good. So now that the mulch is down, and the grass is cut, this next weekend I will be planting the flowers and other veggies. I’m so excited! Well I will be back tomorrow to let you guys know how work went. Bye Guys!

Hawthorne Heights!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys! So the show was sooo awesome! They played all the classics for us long time fans, and they even played some newer stuff that I liked too. We arrived a little bit late for the show as a whole just because we had team trivia, but we did get to see some of a band before them, and that band was pretty good too. I bought a shirt and a record. Here are some pics of the show and of us just hanging out afterwards. I have not gotten to do my old emo eye makeup in so many years. It was so nice. And as it turns out, my belly is not the horrible enormous thing I thought it would be, I actually got a lot of compliments on my outfit. I did spend the whole night flipping my hair out of my eyes though. It may sound silly but I miss having to do that lol. Needless to say, 16 year old me was very happy with the night overall. As well as my current self. Except for the fact that it was super crowded, but in a way that makes me happy because I’m glad that that many people came out to see them. I’m glad they are doing so well. Well guys that’s all I really have for tonight. I will be back tomorrow, Bye Guys!

First Time For Everything

Hi guys! So today was a bit more productive than yesterday. I did get up on time. Although when I planned on leaving the house at noon, we did not leave until 2. So we were still a bit behind my proposed schedule. The first place we went was Gabriel Brothers. If you’re not familiar, its kind of like a bargain store, that gets surplus from a lot of stores, and because of that often have super cheap brand name stuff. I got some strappy high heels that if I saw them in a department store, they would be anywhere for 60 to 100 dollars, but I got them for 10! I also got some super cute sunglasses with a lattice design on top and the cute winged edges for 10 dollars. Then we made it to the mall for a bit. I did not find any everyday shoes. The one Ralph Lauren pair I really liked did not fit me at all lol it was really frustrating because an 8 was too big and a 7 1/2 was too small. It was so upsetting. I did find a couple shirts at hot topic that were on sale. One of them I will be wearing to the concert tomorrow, and that’s mainly what I wanted to talk about today. For the first time in my entire life, I bought a crop top shirt. Note that I weigh only 130 lbs, but I have always had a bit of a pudgy belly. So as long as I have been buying my own clothes, I have been deathly afraid of crop tops. I want nothing to do with anything that shows my stomach. Until recently. I have over time become more accepting of my body and have been making an effort to take better care of it. Part of that for me is embracing some more risky fashion choices. So tomorrow for the first time ever, I will be wearing a crop top in public. I will have Tommy take some pics and send them to me so I can post them. I’m so excited for the show! I just hope I don’t spend all night worrying about my belly lol. Well I will be back tomorrow and I will let you guys know how it went. Bye Guys!

Change of Plans

Hi guys! So today was the first day of our 3 day weekend. I planned to spend the majority of it shopping for some new everyday shoes, possibly a bathing suit and an outfit for the concert tomorrow. Needless to say things did not go that way. First, I did not wake up until like noon lol. I do that a lot on the weekends but I didn’t mean to today because I wanted to be up and ready to do stuff lol. The next thing is that once I was awake, I had a lot of cleaning to do and that took forever. So what ended up happening is that we did not leave the house until 5, knowing that we had team trivia at 7:30. So instead of having a relaxing fun shopping trip like I wanted, We got to our local mall, I went into Macy’s, looked around for not even 15 minutes and Tommy came back from Starbucks to inform me that not only would I not be able to post about the Unicorn Frappuccino because they don’t have it in our area, but also that we only had about 10 more minutes before we had to turn around and leave again. -_- So to give you guys a little bit of background, I love shopping. Even if I’m not necessarily going to buy anything I love walking around shops just looking at everything. I find it super relaxing, and the one thing I hate is to be rushed. So at that point I put down the pair of gray Ralph Lauren flats I was considering and gave up. We did make it to trivia on time which I was happy about. We also won first place which is awesome. We then just drove around for a while just because its still so nice outside. I did decide though that I am setting an alarm for 10 tomorrow morning and hopefully we will be out the door by 12. We have a pathfinder game tomorrow at 6 so I want to have more than enough time to peruse, and do what I want with no pressure. Well guys, I will be back tomorrow, and let you know how things went. Bye Guys!


Hey guys! So today was our Friday, and I’m super thankful because today straight up sucked. Today was another one of those days that those of us in customer service know very well. Very ungrateful, unhappy, straight up rude and mean customers. I don’t know if its just me, but I have never had the urge to be a total bitty to a complete stranger who is clearly trying to help me. It never made any sense to me. I’m going to use this as a bit of a PSA.  Be nice to other people!!!!! Seriously I am a person at work just doing my job trying to help, and I do not deserve the straight up verbal abuse that it yelled in my ear everyday, and neither does any other customer service agent. What I really don’t get is, if someone is mean to you, do you think that’s going to make you want to help them? No, so when you really think about it, your just hurting yourself when you’re a complete jerk to this person. I understand this really is not going to change the way people treat others, but its something I’ve needed to get off my chest. No matter how bad of a day I have had, or how stressed I am, I have never felt the need to take it out on a stranger. Just be nice to people. Not just strangers, but those around you as well. Sometimes its hard to recognize that were taking out our problems on the ones closest to us. Be mindful and be kind. I will be back tomorrow. Bye Guys!

Sunday, more like Monday

Hey Guys! So today was our first day out on the floor for the new department. It was a little hectic at first but then it was just like any other day. The only thing that really bugged me today, is that I was working on a puzzle that I started before I started training for the new department, and I started putting all the edge pieces together, and found out I was missing 4 edge pieces! If you do puzzles, you would understand, that this is the most infuriating thing in the world. I will put a puzzle back in its box and never pick it up again when this happens. It means that someone either ganked my pieces thinking it would be funny, or I legitimately lost them. Hopefully its the latter because that would be really crappy of someone. Other than that, the day was not too bad. We got home pretty late, but we did get to watch the final episode of Stranger Things. I cried my eyes out. If you have not seen that show, you are seriously missing out. #AllOfTheFeels. I can’t believe we have to wait until October for the next season! Its bad enough I’m having to wait until July for Game Of Thrones! I’m thinking I’m going to pick up those books too. I’ve heard from a lot of people that there’s a lot in the books that doesn’t make it to the show and I’m super excited about it. It is super late because we had to do some paperwork for our new insurance, and as usual we waited until the last moment lol. I am super tired so I’m really glad that we only have to work tomorrow before our 3 day weekend. Well, I’m headed to bed now, I will be back tomorrow. Bye Guys!