Hi guys! So today I don’t have too much to write about but I did want to tell you about my day. Today started out pretty chill as my days off usually do. Today turned out to be a bit different because a good friend of ours was able to get the BF and I tickets to go see Rent with him. It was at the Clay Center in Charleston, West Virginia, just about an hours drive from Huntington where we live. We arrived in Charleston a little after 6 and the show started at 7:30. We found a little bar across from the Clay Center that was really nice. They had really tasty drinks and the people were very friendly.  Then came the show. We had very good seats. They were a bit high but they were center so it worked well. I really loved the show. I had never seen the play or the movie. It was right up my alley because I love musicals and myself being a Pansexual have always been a big LGBTQ supporter. I cried at the end. I won’t tell you why in case you haven’t seen it but I’m always an emotional wimp with plays and movies. It’s funny actually because the last play I saw was La Boem at the Keith Albee Theater here in Huntington. Well guys we got back from the show pretty late and I have work in the morning, so I will be back tomorrow, Bye!


One thought on “Rent!

  1. I am seeing Rent in September with my parents in Charlotte. Never seen it live before and I know why it is such an emotional show. It is a meaningful musical of my life. Just having to wait

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