Hi guys! So the re-organizing of my blog did not go as planned lol but I still am going to do at least 1 cooking blog a week and one K-Pop song a week. I did get my tax money but I haven’t ordered my ancestry kit yet because some bills and other things came up. I am going to do it but maybe not as soon as I would like. I wanted to give you guys an update on that, but the main thing I wanted to talk about today is gardening. It’s officially Spring where I am now and I’m super happy. For one, I hate the cold. I welcome the days when its warm enough to walk outside of my house without a jacket. For another, I want to do some gardening. I planted a couple roses last year and they are doing good so far. I want to do a lot more though. We already get some Easter Lilies in the backyard. I’m not sure if someone planted them there before, or it they just grow there naturally but I want to plant some more all along that same area. I also want to do a row of tulips next to my house. I also want to plant some veggies in my backyard but that’s not as likely because we don’t have a fence and our neighborhood has a pretty serious stray cat issue. Also there’s these kids that live next door and run crazy without real supervision. I keep mentioning that I want to put up a fence, but its just one of those things we haven’t gotten around to. I really hope that we will actually do it this year, for the plants and also because we are considering getting another dog and I would like to have an area where it could play without a leash. I still wouldn’t let it out there that often though just because the cats still might climb the fence lol. So back to the plants, in our front yard we have a honeysuckle bush right in front of the house. I’m considering planting another one next to our back door. I’m also looking into doing a in indoor herb garden. I feel like fresh herbs would make my food a lot better. I also do spiritual work that could use some fresh ingredients. Well I will keep you guys updated on this in writing and possibly photos. I will be back tomorrow, bye guys!


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