It’s Monday but Friday!

Hi guys! So if you can’t tell, I’m super happy that I don’t have to be at work again for 3 days. Especially considering how work went today. Today they broke the news to us that we, going forward, will no longer be in the same department we are in now, and we start training for the new department next week. It’s not all bad because apparently there’s a pay raise involved. It’s just super stressful because it means we do about 3 weeks of training and then have to bid for a shift. That’s the main part I’m worried about because me and the BF have been lucky to keep this same schedule and I don’t drive lol so if we get stuck with different shifts it will be a serious issue. Hopefully we will get a good shift. I will keep you guys updated because depending on what shift we get it may affect my writing schedule.kirk

It’s pretty annoying but I am not hating the shift we have for training. 8-4:30 is great. Granted I am the exact opposite of a morning person, but to have a whole evening will be pretty nice. I’ll have time to make actual meals, and do stuff before I have to go to bed. This weekend should be pretty great. I’m hoping to go to our local museum because they have free admission on Tuesdays which is awesome. Hopefully its not raining tomorrow again because I would like to ride on my BF’s motorcycle because our local museum is on a long winding road that’s really fun to ride. I also have the usual trivia games and I’m ordering the ancestry kit. I most likely won’t get it this week, but am excited to start the process. Something else I wanted to mention, a few months ago I backed a project on kickstarter by Glamour Dolls Makeup.  If you haven’t heard, they are doing a collaboration with Lisa Frank and its making all 10 yr old me’s dreams come true. If your not familiar with Lisa Frank she is a designer that designs super cute colorful things .lisa f  I’ve loved her merchandise since I was little so to think that there will be adult Lisa Frank items is so very exciting. The products are not set to ship out until September but when they do… my life will be complete. So tomorrow I plan on taking some time to re-design my page like I mentioned yesterday, and post my first cooking blog. So stay tuned for some yummy goodness. Bye Guys!


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