Hi guys! So first I wanted to say how grateful I am to have 5 followers! Thanks guys it means a lot to me! It also got me thinking. My blogs have been a little all over the place. So I’m considering redesigning my page to have different areas for different topics I write about. My writing will cover an area, as well as makeup and DIY stuff. I’m also considering making a section about cooking because I’ve been experimenting with a lot of new recipes lately that I would want to share. I’m also probably going to start writing about the Korean music I listen to maybe like a song of the week kind of thing. I will probably put this together tomorrow or Tuesday depending on I my schedule tomorrow. I have work as usual, and then our Monday pathfinder game with the BF and our friends. So I’ll still write tomorrow but the reorganizing may just be put off until Tuesday. Also something I’m excited about, in a couple days I get my tax refund and am planning to buy the Ancestry DNA kit. I’ve always been curious about where my family comes from. I’ve heard that I’m part German, part Cherokee native american, but my sources are my parents making guesses at best. It’s not their fault, in this area its not easy to find out things like that. So I’m really excited about what my results might be. I’ll be telling all my family, and I’ll be putting it here to tell you guys more about me, and also just my experience with the kit itself in case any of you are curious about it.  So what are your thoughts? What kind of stuff would you like to read about? Let me know in the comments, I would really appreciate the feedback. I’ll be back tomorrow, Bye Guys!


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