Hi Guys! So today I wanted to talk about makeup. Throughout my life I have had a love/hate relationship with makeup. When I was a kid I had no interest in it other that some of it smelled like candy. As soon as I learned that it did not also taste like candy I lost interest. I never really bothered with makeup again until high school. In high school I adapted the typical emo and or goth looks of the time. My makeup consisted of black eyeliner and black lipstick, and black nail polish that was it. I didn’t bother with foundation or any of the other basics. I think it also needs pointed out that in my teens I was lucky enough to not be stricken with the awful acne a lot of people had. So I did not see a need for all the coverage. I just wanted darkness lol. Once I was out of high school I started to take more consideration to my make up because I started going out with my friends to shop and go clubbing. I still at this point only bought drug store level makeup because growing up poor, having that mindset, it seemed ridiculous to me to spend more than like $20 on a tiny container of makeup. As of about 3 or 4 years ago my acne finally caught up with me, and it was not kidding around. Its just gotten worse since then and it feels ridiculous to be an adult with the kind of acne problem I have. As of recently I’ve been trying to be more conscious about my appearance and the health of my skin. I have been washing my face a lot more and exfoliating regularly. I know this sounds like skin care basics, but I’ve been in the dark for a while lol.  I’ve also been doing research in using better quality products. I’ve already made sure most of my makeup is cruelty free, what I could find and afford that is. I have to admit its still really hard for me to justify buying the more expensive products even though theoretically they are better formulated and better for me skin. Its hard to get over being cheap lol. I’m also considering better products for my hair as well. I never used to have any issues with my hair, but as of about 6 months ago I started developing awful split ends. It still doesn’t make any sense to me because I haven’t dyed it in over 4 years, and I don’t use heat products or sprays or anything. It’s like my body decided to look good in high school and just let everything fall apart in the real world lol. Its a learning experience that’s for sure. If you guys know of or are using any products that are good for these issues, definitely let know. Well guys, I’m headed to bed I’ll be back tomorrow, Bye!


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