Wonderful Day

Hi guys! So today was an interesting day. It started out great. I woke up and made yummy breakfast burritos for me and the BF. We didn’t have any breakfast sausage, but I did fry some potatoes so it was still very filling. I’m probably better off for it too. Meat tends to upset my stomach. Don’t get me wrong I will still eat a hot dog or like meat pizza toppings but a lot of meat in a meal for me doesn’t work. So then after we ate, we left the house because we had to go to the pet store to get worms and dry food for our Sugar Glider. We took her with us in her pouch. One of the best things about her is that she has no problem with loud noises. You would think with such a small animal it would be an issue but she’s great about it. So we went to the pet store and then we went to the BF’s sisters house because she had some toys from her other gliders to give us. That was pretty fun, his sister is really sweet. We couldn’t stay long because we had to get to trivia by 7 and traffic had held us up a bit. So I explained the Tuesday trivia but Thursday trivia is a little bit different. The game works the same but it’s a different environment. This one is at the Gino’s Pizza Pub. If you’re not familiar, its a pizza parlor with like a game room in the back for kids parties. A lot of the games are fun for adults too. My favorite is the guitar hero. Granted it takes twice as many tokens to play than the others, but its worth every token. I had several versions of the home console guitar hero over the years. It’s by far one of my most favorite video games. Anyway, we made it to the pub and our usual friend was there for the trivia, but to our surprise, some of the BF’s other family was there to celebrate his nieces birthday! It was wonderful to see them. We were able to play trivia as usual and also spend some time with family. He has a huge family they are all wonderfully sweet. They also helped with some of the questions. It was a great game. We finished second. I also finally got to try the new Henry’s hard grape soda. It was great, I really love their line of drinks so far. I don’t drink often but when I do it has to be something well flavored lol. So after the game we had to stop by the store because we go back to work tomorrow and with such a long day I hate going to the store on a work night. So at the store we picked up a cake because my BF’s birthday was on our last weekend but due to so many of our loved ones passing, we didn’t have the best time so I wanted to celebrate a little. It was a decadent triple chocolate cake, with chocolate fudge icing and double vanilla ice cream. It’s his favorite lol. It was a wonderful way to end our night and our weekend. Well its getting late here so I will be back tomorrow. Bye Guys!


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