Hi guys! So before I get into my day , I just wanted to say a huge thanks because I got my first views and my first follower today! It means a lot to me, so thanks guys! I have had a really good day today overall. It was the first day of my weekend so automatically its 100 times better than a work day. I spent the first half of the day just relaxing, watching YouTube while the BF plays PS4. Then, every Tuesday the BF and I go to a trivia game with some friends at a local pizza spot called Mancinis. If your in the Huntington area you should totally check it out. The food there is really good. As far as the trivia, a lot of the time our team is really good but as far as placing to win, its really hit or miss depending on the topics of the questions they ask. Tonight we took home first place! It was pretty awesome. We also had the ice cream Sunday they serve there, and I love Ice cream so that was awesome  too. Afterwords we had to go to the store so we went to Walmart and did our usual grocery shopping, and thanks to some gift cards I was given at work that I had been saving up, I also, finally got a sewing machine! This is something I haven’t touched on with you guys yet but as of a few months ago I started getting really into youtubers that are making their own clothes or altering ones they have. I don’t have a huge amount of money to spend on new clothes and a lot of the ones I have now do not fit properly in one way or another. So the idea that I could learn to fix what I have and possibly make my own stuff for a lot less than retail really intrigued me. If any of you guys are familiar, I bought a Singer Simple 3337. It was the most affordable with the most features that I could find. I haven’t opened it yet, because its pretty late where I am and I wanted to get this in first. I will keep you guys updated with how this goes as well as my writing and just my everyday stuff. If you are into sewing and have any advice for beginners I am all ears. Thanks guys, I will be back tomorrow, Bye!


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