Hey guys! So I know I’m a little late posting today. It’s my Friday and it was a pretty long day so it was easy for me to get caught up in fun stuff once I could relax. Today I wanted to ask your opinion on something. I’m considering, once I’m more comfortable with these blogs, possibly starting a vlog. I watch several youtubers most of which are just everyday vloggers and its gotten me curious. I have always been very self conscious of my appearance and the way I sound. I’ve always in general been a very shy person. I hear these youtubers telling their story and I think it would be a really good way to get myself out there. I have to confess, I have serious social anxiety issues. In the past I’ve had breakdowns when being forced to interact with others, even something as trivial as having to call a restaurant to order food would bring me to tears. I’ve slowly been trying to force my way past it. Working on a phone everyday helps, but the struggle is still very real. I watched a video by Rachel from the channel Rachel and Jun’s Adventures( an awesome channel by the way if you watch YouTube) where she discusses her battle with social anxiety and how she has forced herself to speak to, and in front people so much and how much it helped. She then goes on to talk about how nervous she was when she started her channel but how therapeutic it was for her to just talk in front of the camera constantly. It’s something I’ve been thinking about trying when I have some money to throw down on it. From what I’ve seen and read, Cameras and equipment can be very expensive so I still have a lot more thinking to do before I can really put anything into action. So what are your thoughts? Are any of you on YouTube and have advice for those considering it? Anyone have advice on dealing with social anxiety? Let me know in the comments, I’ll be back tomorrow guys, Bye!


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