More about me/My issues with writing

Hi guys so this is my second day. I plan on day by day telling you a bit more about me as I talk about my daily life and my issues with writing. So what I want to cover today as far as me, is my taste in music. My music taste varies based on my mood, but I can tolerate pretty much anything that is not country western, or modern american pop. Right now my favorite things to listen to are a few different Korean pop groups, including EXO and Red Velvet. If you are into Asian music or just pop music in general, I definitely suggest you give them a listen. So about my writing, I’ve been writing all sorts of poems and short stories, and even keeping journals every since I knew how to write. It’s just something I have always done and always wanted to pursue. Through this I have had a particular issue.  This actually didn’t start until my 20’s, I don’t remember having to deal with it when I was younger. The issue is that I have an idea of a full story start to end but when it comes time to put it on paper, I either have no real detail and the story takes up a single page, or I have some details to work with but I struggle with which viewpoint to write it in and it comes out jumbled and nonsensical. I’ve been taking it very slow with my novel to make sure I don’t have these problems. If anyone is more experienced with writing stories and would have some advice about this it would be very welcome. Well, its getting late, and I have work in the morning so I will be on again tomorrow. Bye!


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