K-Pop Song of The Week!

Hey guys! So today’s song is yet another hit from one of my personal favorites, TWICE! This is their newest song that came out just a few days ago. I really love the song but to be honest, I am not a huge fan of the choreography for this one. I don’t know why, it just does not suite me. I love the song though. It’s soo cute and fun! Enjoy!


Meet Asha!

Hi guys! So today I have a funny story for you guys. So, first to give a little background, I am located in West Virginia. Right now where I live its pretty much 40 degrees Fahrenheit(about 4.44 degrees Celsius) all the time. Its officially winter here and other than Christmas, winter is not my friend lol.  So a few nights ago my boyfriend and I were walking downtown in this wintery weather, when all of a sudden, sitting in the mulch next to an apartment building, I see a snake! First I don’t even think about the cold because there are not a lot of snakes native to this area, and you hardly ever see one in the city, especially in winter. So something happened somehow, that this little snake who was obviously someones pet, got outside on a nearly freezing night. I had never handled a snake before so I had no idea what to do. Luckily my boyfriend had had snakes as pets, and was able to grab it. I was freaking out, because I was in no way prepared to be the owner of a snake.  After we got her home, we did some research and found out that she is a ball python. So she had to be someones pet. So after we did a lot of research, we decided to keep her. Its funny because I was so afraid of her but the minute she was home and warm, she was super sweet and friendly! We went to the pet store and spent a lot of money on stuff for her lol. I named her Asha because it is Swahili for Life and I just thought it was a miracle that she is alive. I have to say I am super happy we were able to save her, she is a sweet and wonderful girl! I am now the proud pet mama of a sugar glider and a snake! (Don’t worry they never come in contact with each other lol) Here is a pic of Asha and I. Just wanted to share the good news with you guys! Hope you all have an awesome day!