Tsubasacon Loot!!!!!!!

Hi guys! So last weekend was Tsubasacon! If you’re not familiar, (and I would not be surprised if you weren’t they don’t advertise for it a lot lol) its an anime convention that’s held in my hometown of Huntington and its loads of fun. So to give some background, I’m not super into anime. I love all things Pokemon, and I’ve watched a few other select anime’s but I’m not super duper into it. I play a lot of video games and am obsessed with Japans Kawaii culture, and fashion. So I did not necessarily go for the anime, but for all the other “Geekery” there lol. So here are some pics of all the loot! I will tell a little about each pic.

20171013_214638_HDR So this was my day 1 loot. I did not do much shopping lol I was trying to be frugal. All the Hello Kitty goodies were from a Hello Kitty grab bag I got for $15! With grab bags its hard to tell, but it was well worth it! I got a bucket, washcloth, 2 packets of tissues(that I will probably never use lol), a toothbrush, and a couple little trinkets. I am so happy with it!


So, once we actually got there, this was the thing I was most excited about. There was a vendor selling K-Pop music and merch!! This was what I got from them on day 1. A beautiful EXO beanie and a face mask with my fave EXO member, Chanyeol! I did not get any music on day 1, I was too overwhelmed and did not know what I really wanted yet lol.

So I fell in love with this precious ring as soon as I saw it. I am a big fan of the Decora, Decoden type jewelry, and had to have this. This vendor had a ton of super cute things available, this is just what I got on day 1. I also wanted to say, the lovely lady that made this was super nice, and if you’re into Kawaii stuff you should totally check out her online store! (This is not sponsored, just wanted to give a shout out because she was very nice and her stuff is super cute.)

20171013_213123So this is basically a pic of everything that both myself and my better half picked up on day 1. I already went through my stuff, so here is what he got! A “Dinosaur”(but really Godzilla #Licensing lol) Kigurumi, Another TWICE album, a TWICE beanie, a couple face masks, several Gundam toys in various sizes lol, A Tsubasacon shirt, The oblivion game for PS3 and we also included the new The Evil Within 2 game for PS4 but that was bought at Gamestop later that day lol. The last thing is the beautiful Sailor Moon wall scroll that he won in a game he played for just $1!

This isn’t loot lol just wanted to include some pics of us on day 1! It was super fun!

Day 2!!

First wanted to apologize up front, Day 2 pics are not as good in quality because I took them with my webcam lol, hope you still like them! 🙂


So this was the first thing I bought on Day 2. This is from the same vendor, I just had to have it, I love the little candy on it!

So I really hope you can see what this is lol. This is the MADE album by Big Bang!! I did not find this at that same K-Pop vendor, this vendor had a ton of random Cd’s and this was such a lucky find!

This was from the same vendor as the beanie and mask. This is EXO’s new album The War! I was soo so happy to get this!! Plus the packaging is so fun and came with a ton of inserts, cute cards, and even a little comic page! It was awesome!


So speaking of awesome, the dude running the K-Pop booth was nice enough to throw in all these stickers when I bought the EXO album! That was so nice and these are just too cute!!!!

So these next couple pics may not make sense unless you have seen an anime called Ouran Host Club! Its one of the few anime’s that I have seen and absolutely loved. They had a panel based on that and that’s where these came from 🙂


So after the Panel the people that were Cosplaying the hosts were handing out the roses from their specific host! This pink one was actually handed to Tommy lol by my personal favorite, Honey Senpai!


This lovely purple one was handed to me personally by Kyoya Senpai! The only regret I had from this panel was that Mori Senpai was not there. He is my second favorite 🙂

So those are all the goodies I got, so I thought I would show some pics of us on day 2! Day 2 was very important for me. That day I wore my very first Lolita Coordinate! I was so very excited! Also Tommy was super happy to get to wear his Godzilla Kigurumi. Day 2 was also the day of the maid cafe, which was very fun, and had a delicious strawberry filled cake! All in all we had a wonderful time at Tsubasacon, and are looking forward to going next year!



Greek Festival!

Hi guys! So every year the Greek Orthodox Church in our town hosts a Greek Festival. We try to go every year. This year it happened to fall on the first day of Autumn which I found very fitting. Its always lots of fun. There is always plenty of food, merchandise, and usually some traditional Greek music playing in the background. We always get gyros, Greek seasoned french fries, and of all the dessert choices, we usually get the baklava ice cream sundaes. The food they have is always delicious. This time we also got a variety box of pastries that consisted of almond crescent, baklava, feniki, flogeres, kataifi, kourambiethe and 2 koulouria. Needless to say they were all fabulous. We also bought some things from a semi-local monastery that had some things available. They are known as The Hermitage Of The Holy Cross. We bought some yummy looking creamed honey, some beautiful hand painted eggs, and some Goats milk soaps in the scents wild rose (my favorite) frankincense and Myrrh, and Oak Leaves and Acorns. They all smell wonderful. Tommy also always gets the coffee they brew as well. He says its good, but I don’t drink coffee so I would not know lol. All in all it was a wonderful time and if you are near the Huntington area next year, you should definitely come!

Mabon Blessings!

Hi guys! So today is Mabon, more commonly referred to as the first day of fall! It’s officially the season for all things pumpkin spice and fuzzy boots. I’m not big on either of those things lol, but I do celebrate Mabon aka the Autumnal equinox. I love the new energy in the air. I love the new beautiful colors on the trees and just the feeling of change happening. Mabon is traditionally celebrated as the time of mid-harvest when the crop harvest for the year would start to slow down, and as a time to just take a moment to realize all of our blessings that we have in life. Its the time where the nights here are not as long as they were a couple weeks ago, and so we learn to embrace the darkness again. At this time of year there are about equal hours of light and darkness outside so we learn how to better balance our time. The main thing for me this time of year is the energy. It may just be a spiritual thing, but this time of year always gives me this entrancing energy. Its like when the wind picks up with that slight Autumn chill, it fills me with what I feel, is serious magical potential. Its hard to explain but I love it. I also love that so many people get in the spirit of it with all their pumpkin flavored things (which are mostly gross to me but the classic pumpkin pie) and all of their leaf decorations and Halloween decorations. I love Halloween. Its one of my favorite holidays. All in all I am super happy that fall is officially here! Mabon Blessings everyone! Image result for mabon images